How to cite dissertation

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How to prepare a report correctly? Follow the advice, act on the algorithm, then it will be easier to work, and the result will be excellent.

  1. Understand the topic of the report. Identify the main problems and write them on a separate sheet. Immediately think, do paper writer  understand everything. Refine the terms, the nuances of the teacher’s work.
  2. Find sources where you are going to take information. Take from the library at least 2-3 sources, on the Internet use proven sites. Check the information with printed materials.
  3. Limit the number of sources, otherwise you can get confused in the materials, spend too much energy on their mastering. Correlate the work with the volume of the report, the complexity of the topic. If you are in school, it is enough to take 3-5 sources, but the student should bring their number to 5-9.
  4. Identify the most important for the disclosure of the topic of the place in the materials, highlights. Supplement them with your draft.
  5. Make a plan for the report. Make a small introductory part, label the topic, briefly tell about the sources of information (name them), after the main part go to your final conclusions.
  6. Write a draft of the report. Do not forget the consistency, the consistency of the presentation.
  7. Read the text, think whether it corresponds to the topic, correct all the shortcomings, mistakes.
  8. Make two versions of the report: the final version and the speech, which is an abbreviated version of the report.
  9. Read the speech, the report, check for errors.
  10. Rehearse the defense of the report, read the speech aloud twice.

Act in accordance with the algorithm, delve into the topic, remember the recommendations: so you will be able to prepare a good report, successfully protect it.