Outline for essay

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Consider the technology work more specifically. After choosing a subject close to you (your interests), for example “Psychological competence as a structural component of the professional activity of the leader”, it is necessary to identify the object of your research.

The next stage is setting the goal of the work. For example: theoretical substantiation of the essence and content of the manager’s psychological competence; the identification of ways and means of forming psychological competence, etc. Think about the hypotheses of the work. Otherwise paper writer will have nothing to justify. In the first approximation on the chosen topic, we can formulate at least three hypotheses:

the increase of psychological competence is a necessary condition for the effectiveness of the managerial activity of the manager;

the application of psychological competence in the practical activities of the management to a greater extent ensures the leader’s leadership status;

the priority direction of training a modern leader is mastering the psychotechnology of management.

On the basis of what has been said, it is possible to determine the directions of work, highlighting the primary objectives of the study:

psychological competence as the basis for management (personnel management);

priority areas for the formation of the psychological competence of a modern leader.

After this, you need to determine the methods for implementing your first scientific research: a theoretical analysis of the literature on the problem; generalization of domestic and foreign experience; content analysis of newspaper and magazine publications, etc. Perhaps you will conduct a small (illustrative) socio-psychological study. Then you have to turn to methods such as questionnaires, interviews, psychodiagnostics, etc.

To organize your own time, you can create a work schedule for writing a course work:

studying of available literature;

carrying out of research (terms);

if the research involves the application of specific psychological techniques, then they need to be written into the schedule: for example interviews with competent people (with whom, in which organizations, when, how will the results be summarized and summarized, the interview form, interviews or protocol forms prepared);

writing the first, second sections and terms of consultation on them;

surrender of work (in what terms, in what form).

Realizing the above-mentioned stages of the work, you will provide it with a reliable methodical, theoretical and empirical basis. The rest depends on your ability to generalize and draw conclusions.